Hi there

I’m Cathy, an expert in helping organisations bring their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy to life through impactful communications.

I spent over fifteen years working in Human Resources, Corporate Affairs and Communications for large corporates advising on people and culture strategy. My favourite part of my work was seeing the transformation in people and businesses. I love working with people from all walks of life — especially those who share unique perspectives. 

These days I enjoy taking my experiences and working with people across multiple industries and sizes, helping to reinvent and refresh their employee experience through communication, collaboration and connection.

I offer bespoke leadership programs, coaching & mentoring and keynote speaking.

If you’re unsure where to start with your people and communications strategy or just looking for an extra pair of eyes, I welcome you to get in touch.

Some random tidbits: I dabble in stand-up comedy from time to time. It scares me to death, but something is thrilling about being thrown in the deep end. It’s why I do things like bungee jumping. I also love improv. Give me a topic or scenario, and I’ll tell you a story like my life depended on it.

About Cathy Ngo

My Philosophy


Empathy & Inclusion First

Empathy is our ability to put ourselves in the shoes of others and to understand what another person is experiencing. This is key to inclusion and setting a common ground.


Be curious 

Increasing diversity in the workplace enhances creativity and innovation. Teams that see the same thing in different ways are more likely to get a wider range of perspectives and an infusion of fresh ideas, improving the productivity of the workforce.


Enjoy the journey

Remember to enjoy the journey of life. Don’t be so caught up on the finish line that you miss the journey of getting there.

Drive employee engagement through inclusive communications. Get in touch to see how.


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