Bring your DEI strategy to life with impactful communications

Is your business working hard to make everyone feel seen, heard and valued?

Little progress on your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion training efforts? Unsure how to embed flexible and hybrid working? Are you worried about coming across as tokenistic in your hires? Afraid of saying the wrong things when you have the best intentions?

Given the number of diversity and inclusion programs that fail or are ineffective at changing long-term behaviours, these concerns are valid. So, what’s the solution?

Just like any organisational change program, it needs a considered approach that involves: 

  • Approaching organisational change with a long term view 
  • Empowering your teams and leaders with inclusive communication skills
  • Coaching your leadership teams through transformation

Transform your organisation with inclusive communications


Comms Audit & Diagnostics

A review of your communication channels such as website, intranet, collateral and newsletters with a DEI lens. At the end of the audit, you’ll receive a scorecard & report with recommendations.

Communications Strategy

Rolling out organisational change or just managing the growth of your team? You’ll need a communications strategy that incorporates various methods to engage your employees in meaningful dialogue.

Training, coaching & mentoring

Move beyond compliance, and box-ticking training and workshops. Our approach is to deliver engaging programs that stick and enable meaningful discussions on how teams can show up for one another.

Keynote Speaking

Cathy delivers keynote sessions for conferences and events where you might be looking to discuss the power of inclusive communication in your organisations.

Happy and engaged at Worthy Stories

Belonging & Connection Requires

Strategic Communication Inclusive Leadership Empathy Storytelling

You’re in great company 🙌🏽

Cathy Ngo Media and Clients

Hi, I’m Cathy

I spent over fifteen years working in Human Resources, Corporate Affairs and Communications for large corporates advising on people transformation and strategy.

These days I enjoy taking my experiences and working with people across multiple industries and sizes, helping to transform employee experience through communication, collaboration and connection — which is so critical in this hybrid working world.

I offer bespoke inclusive leadership programs, coaching & mentoring and also a sought after keynote speaker.

If you’re unsure where to start with your people and communications strategy or just looking for an extra pair of eyes, I welcome you to get in touch.

Cathy is a brilliant writer, has deep expertise in all things diversity and inclusion, is extremely professional, thinks deeply and critically, and is a fiercely fantastic woman who lives her purpose and makes the world a better place. If you get an opportunity to partner with Cathy, don't hesitate. I am fortunate to have done so and am hoping she continues to pick up the phone when I call.

Felicity Menzies – CEO, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant at Include-Empower

Cathy supported WORK180 with writing content focused on DEI along with working with our Storytellers to share stories from Endorsed Employers for All Women. Interviewing people from Australia, UK and the US, Cathy was quick to make her interviewee comfortable in sharing their journey, resulting in inspiring content. We've received countless compliments for Cathy's work and have enjoyed working with her.

Valeria Ignatieva CEO | WORK180 US/UK/Australia

Cathy is an exceptional individual and a pleasure to work with. Her skills in content strategy, storytelling and presenting are second to none. With deep knowledge in workplace relations and diversity and inclusion made her a very valued team member to have around the table.

Phillip Parisis – General Manager Products at Business Australia

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